Whether your business provides a service, such as dentists, lawyers, or sells any kind of products, such as a retailers, manufacturers, suppliers or wholesalers, a businesses’ main goal is always to drive more clients or customers in order to increase profit and sales. No matter how big or small your business is or wherever your business is located, we can help increase your company’s visibility online in order to drive more clients and customers to your business.

Let’s be honest…

Some businesses get locked into long term contracts and subscriptions with SEO companies who may implement incorrect strategies which are not suited for a business and may charge extra and take extra time for services that are totally unnecessary without any satisfactory results. For example, smaller business’s targeting only local customers and clients do not need international marketing. It is important to be aware about what a business actually needs rather than paying for services that are not required.


Some harmful strategies that can be used by SEO companies are spamming, stuffing keywords on a websites, having your company “liked” by fake profiles by buying them in order to show your popularity on social media. Not only is it against Google’s policies, the problem with this is you may have only 100 followers and 11,000 likes and creating a false impression. Rather than achieving good results it can leave you with bad reviews which can be damaging to a company’s reputation and image.

SEO companies usually rely on standard internet tools that automatically analyse websites to give an automated report. Although it is very quick, it only gives very general information and is not always accurate in terms of recognizing problems, finding solutions or being able to understand the business’s overall goals.

We understand that every business is unique and may encounter different problems along the way. All businesses have different strategies in order to grow. A strategy developed for a retailer may not work for a service provider or vice versa. We not only analyse websites manually, but provide you a customized feedback with ideas and strategies to improve the website so that people are able to manage their businesses online more effectively and efficiently with minimal costs and without any long term commitments with us.

Finding the right person is important…

Simply hiring a web/software developer will not solve the problem. This is because their area of expertise is different from E-Commerce. It is important to find the right person. Web developers are programmers who are expert in web designing and developing field, it does not mean they have skills in overall business outlook.

Our company specializes in E commerce, digital marketing, SEO, SEM, content strategies, branding, analytics and lot more. We are able to report changes in online sales, track a business’s web analytics, search engine ranking and advertising campaign results. We have a strong understanding of brand building and gather data which includes sales, rankings, customer reviews and the standing of a company’s online competition to maximize potential sales. We look at a business specifically to understand and improve their existing sale goals. We offer a customized service for every online business and offer our services globally.