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If your website is too slow,  traffic and SEM campaigns not helping getting enough conversions, broken links and  server errors are few of the reasons you would need a professional to analyze your website and resolve issues. Whether your website is created in a simple html or has complex coding, Biz Vista could be your one stop solutions for everything. We have a team of experts who have years of knowledge in diagnosing and optimization websites for speed, design, SEO and so forth.

At the moment, we are offering website optimization services in following platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Rubyonrail
  • .Net
  • Html
  • Php


We offer following services for website optimization:

1.      Existing website to responsive website

Nowadays, 90% of users browse websites on their phone rather than from the desktop. However, most websites are still designed for desktops, and they either break or show up very badly on phones. We take your existing website and redesign it to be viewable on mobile devices as well as the desktop.

2.      Optimize website frontend

A website that loads fast ranks higher in search engines compared to websites that are slower. The reason why websites are slow could be many – we can optimize all aspects of your website to make it faster.

3.      Optimize website backend

Slow websites rank much lower in search engines as compared to fast websites. If your site is dynamic, there are many more aspects of it being slow – we optimize dynamic websites to use less resources and show up their results faster

4.      Web site Analytics

Wouldn’t you like to know where in the world are your customers coming from, how long they are staying, which pages do they visit the most, etc? There are many more insights that can be gleaned from website analytics. We not only setup the analytics but also help you in gaining insights from the data provided in a clear understandable and actionable manner.

5.      AMPify websites

Mobile phones aren’t as powerful when displaying websites. AMPing up a website can make the journey from the search engine to your website a superfast journey, thereby making a customer stay longer

6.      Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

If you’ve had a website for some time, you have a treasure trove of data just waiting for you to take a look and get insights from. This could be to increase the time a customer spends on your site, remove gaps, remove pages no one goes to (or make them more visible), or even to make a browser into a buyer! We can help you extract this data and convert it into readable and actionable reports. And we can help you setup the data collecting, if you haven’t till now.

The most common question our clients have asked us is difference between website optimization and website auditing services; Website Audit covers every aspect of your website (on/off page) and site optimization mainly revolves around on page.