Website Replatforming or Migration For E-commerce Websites

 Website migration or replatforming is one of common practices amongst many website owners, most especially ones with online stores. There are many reasons to migrate a website ranging from access to better features that were previously not provided by a shopping cart, security, flexibility, website structure and many others.

Many online businesses face challenges as their businesses start to grow and they look for better platform in order to create a better flow for their online orders along with other features. For many businesses the only thing stops them is their online website because of many issues that waste huge amount of time, resources and money.

We at Biz Vista have seen many businesses that are not reaching their true potential because of the e-commerce platform they are using. The most common issues many ecommerce businesses face are following; 

      • Hosting Issues
      • Security & SSL issues
      • Website Speed Issues
      • Design Issues
      • Upgrading Issues
      • UX and UI issues
      • Checkout Issues
      • Dashboard or Backend Issues
      • API & Marketplaces Issues
      • Compatibility Issues
      • Automation Issues
      • And Many others


Website migration or changing the current platform is not an easy task and there are many dos and don’ts involved in this process and a lot of things are taken into critical consideration…. things like:

  • Search engine optimisation ( Link structure, redirection and etc)
  • Hosting & Security
  • Products with Images
  • Payments
  • Design
  • Content
  • APIs, Scripts and Modules

 All of these are what makes website migration a very tedious one, and would require the help of a professional. 

There is always a risk involved in migration or replatforming, however, with our expertise, we minimise the risks involved and make sure you get all the benefits of migration.

At Biz Vista, we have a team of highly experienced experts, with years of experience in the migration of websites and online stores.

We have moved websites from 100 products to 10,000 products making sure the process is seamless and there is less risk involved.

 Currently, we only move websites to BigCommerce, Neto or Shopify from any shopping cart. If you require any assistance or need consulting, please feel free to contact us.