The Critical Aspects of Social Media

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Social media becomes a prominent platform form of marketing that is used widely by companies worldwide. There are many inherent aspects that are proven to increase greatly a company’s brand visibility and exposure, and a possibility to victimize their reputation. A social media strategy that is implemented by a company can be monitored completely and can be a factor in determining the overall effectiveness. Consumers have their own expectations of certain brands or products, and services so any discontented towards them can complain to the company via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites where they can voice out their complaints easily. It makes even more important for a company to consider and take social media seriously. A company needs to research what methods are most appropriate and beneficial to them.


There are some steps that need to be taken to avoid the previously social media disasters that may happen sometime in the online marketplace world. The first one is being realistic and a proper understanding of a relationship between social media conversation and other types of interactions with the customer. The next step is utilizing a better customer sale and service. Social media is one of an effective way of interaction but, a real world interaction, on free call telephone lines, and online customer service chats are also very important. A company needs to have a multi channels customer service. The next thing is a focus on the data and evaluating the technology that is in use to understand and analyze behaviors and the voice of customers. The final step to avoid social media disaster is to have a specialized employee to handle social media interaction.


If your company currently does not have an active social media account, you don’t have to worry about invest a large amount of money. There are a plenty of low-cost methods that you can apply to start at social media marketing world. Creating a blog about news, and trends that are relevant to your product or service is a good way to start. Next, you can create a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, or Twitter and Instagram account. If possible, you can also create a discussion forum for your customer, or even a YouTube channel. Those social media sites provide unique opportunities to expose your company to users and fans, plus they will feel closer to you.


After you have all the accounts and people to operate the next step to do that also will determine your success on social media world is the ability to measure the result of social media advertising. You can implement the business intelligence, a set of tools and technique that is useful for business analysts. You can get the benefit from business intelligence (BI) in term of social media marketing. There are many things you can do in BI to measure your social media campaign effectiveness. Selecting the ideal marketing process that will transform into quality sales is a nice way to start. Another thing is determining the online advertising campaigns that you are going to use to attract customers.

Each activity that’s included in your marketing plan must have a customer brief profile, target reach, value, and finally, budget limit that you are going to spend. You also need to identify an appropriate set of keywords to create an optimal web content that can be found easily by the search engine.

It is also important to measure the campaign that is currently being used to display your engagement, activity, and outcomes. You can even see a more thorough report that includes the tracking of sales, revenue and gross profit you get from social media marketing. Business intelligence offers an insight that you need to know from social media campaigns. You can bring out the best of the online marketing campaign with business intelligence because you can analyze and recreate a better campaign that will benefit you more.