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SEM Audit ( Search Engine Marketing Auditing) is part of our Website Auditing services focusing on paid marketing strategies, analysis and reports. One of our SEM specialists performs an in-depth analysis for your current campaigns, identify issues  while measuring effectiveness of your SEM strategies and provide whole array of factors which give us insight to improve your account/campaigns. We specialize in creating, managing and analyzing Adwords and Facebook Ads.


Currently, we are only focusing on Google AdWords and Facebook ads. Whether you are running campaigns by yourself or some external agency is managing your accounts, in both cases, we can help you by analyzing your ads.


Keywords Analysis


Budget and ROI

Quality score

Landing pages

Competitor analysis

Conversion metrics

Tracking platforms

Bounce rate Audit

Google Analytics

Device anslysis

Campaign structure

Location targeting

Ad extensions

Visible trends

Audience Analysis

Data analysis

The Benefits

Why you should perform an audit?

  • Save money
  • Improve Conversions
  • Save Resources
  • More visibility
  • Track performance
  • Resolve issues

Sometimes there are simple things that can improve your conversions and save you lot of money. Our process involves set of rules and practices that go beyond your advertisement. For instance, your campaign seems perfect but the landing page is not properly optimized according to your ad and keywords. So if you improve your landing page, your quality score, your cost per click and click through rate will improve as well.

You already know that you have performance issues but either you are not able to do it yourself having no knowledge or your agency is lacking some expertise or too busy to implement improvement strategies. It happens quite often as digital marketing agencies may have many clients and not able to concentrate on your account specifically or generally. There may be some other reasons such as staff shortage, low budget or communication problems.

You are running search network campaign only but your business structure requires you to run a search network display select.

Your 80% of audience is coming through mobile devices, however, your campaign is not optimized for mobile.

As mentioned above, there could be hundreds of reasons why you need an SEM audit for your business.




5 days

Analysis only
AdWords or Facebook
5 Campaigns Max



5 days

Analysis only
5 Campaigns Max



4 Weeks

Analysis + Improvement
10 Campaigns Max


You can either provide us your adwords account id and we can send you a request or vice versa.

do you implement changes in campaigns or adgroups?

No. We only provide you analysis, suggestions and improvement strategies for your business. We don't make any changes to your account, campaigns, adgroups or keywords.

Are your services ongoing or one-off?

It's only one time payment. Once you get a report you can revoke the access to our account.

Can you implement changes?

Yes we can. Please contact us for more details.

Can you Create Campaigns for us?

Yes we can. Please contact us for further details.

Can you manage our account?

Yes we can. Please contact for further details.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes. If there are no improvement suggestions or ideas for your report, you get money back.