Hair & Beauty Supplies Store

With over 3000+ products using Magento1 platform and many marketplaces. The project was quite complicated due to the fact that it wasn't a brand new website and online sales were stable.

There were thousands of pages and links to be taken care of so the traffic is not impacted by the new website.

With so many API integrations along with huge database, we helped the client with re-designing the website and moving all data smoothly to Bigcommerce platform with very less downtime(couple of hours).

With strategic planning, execution and professional services, client did not face any surprises and all went well.

The migration and newly designed website saw an increase in sales and traffic and growing - (Nov 2021)

website design in bigcommerce by biz vista australia

Hair & Beauty
Migration & Redesigned
Magento 1 to Bigcommerce
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