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Importance of E-Commerce Websites for Retail Businesses

Shopping online saves customers a lot of time, and that’s why according to research the percentage of customers shopping online and through their mobiles is around 80%. If 80% customers are moving towards online shopping, then what will happen to the growth of businesses who are only selling physically? In order for retail business to have an increased outreach and the ability to target more customers, it is essential for them to have an e-commerce websites. If you are an e-commerce businesses, researching on why you need to have an e-commerce website, then read below for 5 reasons why you should have an e-commerce website.

Build an Online Presence

If you want to compete with your customers effectively, then you need to establish an online presence to allow your customers to interact with you on multiple outlets, and increase your availability to them. The best way is to create an eCommerce store by choosing a professional digital agency that can help you grow your business online as well.

Increase your Visibility

Visibility is essential for growth and increasing your market reach, when you build a website then you are increasing your outreach, and can have a wider market range, and you will also have more growth opportunities because you’d be able to target customers in other areas.

Lead Generation and increased Sales

Gone are the days of cold calling, consumers tend to buy more from businesses who provide them with solutions rather than sell products. Your website is the opportunity for you to interact with your customers on a different level and increase your customer base with increased lead generation which will lead to an increase in sales.

Increased Understanding of Customer Behavior

Through websites and web analytics programs you can understand your customers behavior in a better way, by analyzing the posts they interact with the most and what kind of products they are purchasing and then focus more on further capitalizing on the strength of your strong sell and improve your weak products.

Reduced Costs

With an e-commerce store, your work load for managing inventory, creating reports could decrease because you could invest in software that will help you automate your operations. Thus, your costs on human resource for managing inventory and data bases will reduce.

In the era of online shopping, your website is the first place for some customers to interact with you, as most consumers now do not like to go through the hassle of shopping, and they prefer shopping online. So build your online presence and gain a competitive edge over your competitors by providing a differentiated online service.

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What is Website Audit?

What Is Website Audit And Analysis?

A website audit is a complete analysis of all the things related to your website’s performance online. A full and detailed audit gives you a deeper understanding as to the reasons why your website is not performing well online that it should or the reasons why your product sales and conversion rates are not increasing.

Why Do You Need An Audit?

Website auditing covers all aspects of your website in order to identify problems and issues holding your website to either rank well or improve conversions.

If you are a business owner and wondering what you can do to improve your business online or what are the strategies that can help your business get more visibility online as well as generate leads and conversions, you might need our services. There’s a huge list of what involves in auditing but here are few to give you an idea on how we perform auditing for your website:

Website Audit Graph created by Biz Vista
website audit graph
  • Indexed pages
  • Page errors
  • Site speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Google ranking factors
  • Meta data
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Link Structure
  • Content
  • Images
  • Backlinks
  • Social signals
  • Campaigns analysis
  • Marketing strategies
  • Use experience
  • Sales funnel

A complete website auditing is not a quick process. The proper audit can take several days in case you have a larger website but an average it can take approximately 2-3 days doing an audit on a standard sized business site.

Main Focus Areas:

Benefits of Website Audits

  • KNOW your website completely
  • GROW your audience
  • INCREASE User Experience
  • RANK better online
  • DIY strategies
  • DEAL with your SEO companies
  • SPEED UP your website*
  • SEE what your competitors are up to
  • IMPROVE online visibility
  • IMPLEMENT better digital strategies
  • SOLVE website issues
  • GAIN social awareness
  • EXPAND your market
  • BUILD your brand
  • GET ideas that will work
  • DEVELOP your e-skills
  • Improve content
  • UNDERSTAND Google better

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